Sometimes, because of copyrights, YouTube videos may be blocked by the network itself: it’s normal, it can happen, deal with it, there is nothing you can do. Just kidding!

Today we are going to learn how to unblock youtube’s blocked videos using a free and simple extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

how to unblock youtube videos

The free extension to unblock youtube’s blocked videos is called ProxMate: you can download it from its official download page. Let’s see how to install it in the different browsers:

How to install ProxMate on Firefox:  click on the red button Download for Firefox 4+. In the page that opens, click on “+ Add to Firefox” and then on Allow in the window that pops up. Wait for the download to end, then click Install now in the installation window. Once it has finished, you’ll be asked to like their Facebook page and donate: this is at your own discretion, youn’re not forced to.

How to install ProxMate on Google Chrome: click on the red button Download for Chrome 16+ and, in the page that opens, click on “+ Add“. Click on Add aswell in the window that asks you to allow the extension to access your info. As in Firefox, you will be asked to like their page and donate, take your decision.

Now, when you visit a blocked youtube video, ProxMate will allow you to watch it: you should get a screen like the one below, wait a few seconds and enjoy your video!

how to watch youtube blocked videos