Thanks to its innovative cameras, the iPhone allows you to take wonderful photos and videos wherever you are and share them among relatives, cooworkers and friends through social networks. But what shall we do if we’ve some of our coolest photos saved on our computers and want them on our devices?

Today I’m going to show you how to transfer photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad using a built-in function of iTunes.

how to transfer photos from computer to ipad

In order to transfer photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad, open iTunes and select, from the left menu, the device you’re interested in. Now, on the top, select the Photos tab.

As you can see, you’ve the possibility to sync Photos from a folder, just choose it on your computer. But wait! You don’t have to select them all, just gather all your photos in 1 big folder, then check Select folders and, automatically, iTunes will make you choose which folders you want to be synced. You can also choose whether or not to have videos included in the sync.

Once you’ve done, click, on the bottom right, on Apply and your iPhone will receive all the photos stored on your computer.

how to transfer photos from computer to ipad - itunes