Did you change Internet Provider or your traffic plan and you want to make sure that they’re offering you the service you’re paying for? It’s easier than you can imagine, you simply have to use SpeedTest.

SpeedTest is one of the many tools to test the speed connection, the most famous and complete one. It’s free, extremly accurate and easy to use even for newbie users. It can used, beside on PC (you simply need a flash browser), on smartphones. There is how to test speed connection using it.

how to test speed connection

If you want to learn how to test speed connection, the first step you need to take is visit the Internet website of SpeedTest and click on the button BEGIN TEST. At this point, the service will start measuring the effective speed of your connection calculating the ping (latency), then the download and upload speed. Within a few seconds, you should have a summary screen like the one below, inside which will you find the values just mentioned.

As easly intuitable, high values as download and upload mean a good Internet connection, while the ping has to have a low value. Having a low latency, in fact, means having better performances in online games and in all those programs that require an “answer” from the server to work correctly.

To make sure the results are correct and true, before clicking on BEGIN TEST, close all other programs on your PC that require an Internet connection (eg all other tabs open on the browser, Skype, IM Programs, etc.). Not only on your PC, you should also disable the wi-fi on all those devices in your home that use it (eg your smartphone).

You can also personalize the units through which SpeedTest shows the results. You simply need to click on Settings located on the top-right and select the one you prefer between kilobits, kylobytes, megabits and megabytes from the drop-down menu Speed Measurement.

how to test speed connection

Would you like to test speed connection on your smartphone? Then I let you know that there is the official app of SpeedTest for iPhone and Android, which allows you to test your Internet connection in an extremly easy and fast way without using the PC, offering, aswell, the chance to track the progress made between the changes of plans.

To test the speed connection on iPhone or Android, download the official app of SpeedTest.net from App Store or Google Play, run the app and tap on Begin Test to start the test. As the previous case, it will first calculate the ping, then the download and lastly the upload speed.

Once you’ve gotten the results, you can see a recap of all the tests made with SpeedTest on your phone using the button RESULTS of the app, while tapping on SETTINGS you can decide the units to use between Mpbs and kB/s.

how to test speed connection