Have you found a funny video on YouTube and you would like to share it on Facebook with some friends? If you’ve tried directly from YouTube, clicking on the sharing button for Facebook but you didn’t manage to accomplish the task, don’t worry, it’s normal.

YouTube doesn’t allow to tag videos to share on Facebook but this limitation can be easly dodged. All you have to do is read the indications in this guide that I’m about to write and put them in practice. In less than a minute, you will learn how to tag from YouTube any video before posting it on your Facebook profile. Are you ready to start?

how to tag from youtube

If you want to know how to tag from YouTube a video that you want to share on Facebook, the first step you need to take is visit the homepage of YouTube and look for the video that you want to share, afterwards click on the voice Share located under the video and copy the address link showed in the box Share this video. (eg: http://youtu.be/hRk-roK8SWQ).

Now, visit Facebook, paste the link of YouTube just copied into the box that you use to write your statuses and wait for the preview of the video. At this point, delete the URL address and replace it with the message that you want to publish along with the video itself. Use this message to tag your friends by simply putting the @ symbol before their names.

While you’re typing in, you will be showed some suggestions to auto-complete the names: click on the names of the friends that you want to tag and you’re done. This way, once you’ve posted the video on your profile (clicking on Post) the friends that you’ve tagged will receive a notification informing them about it.

how to tag from youtube

Do you want to tag from YouTube some videos that you’ve uploaded on your channel to increase their visibility and get more views? In this case, you’ve to try and optimize as much as possible their titles and the related tags following the research trends of the website. It sounds like a hard task, but it’s easly achievable.

To know more about research trends, take a look at Google Trends: it is a free service offered by Google that allows you to find out the most recently searched keywords on YouTube. Take some hints from that list to name your videos and add the right tags.

Obviously, that alone won’t bring you billions of views, but it is a good starting point that can get you a good result a in relatively short matter of time.

how to tag from youtube