Chrome is without any doubt one of the best browsers available on the market, one of the fastest in loading web pages, but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. With some tricks it’s possible to make your experience even faster and comfy, and I’m about to tell you how to realize this dream.

I’m not promising miracles, but if you follow these steps about how to speed up Google Chrome which I’m about to write, you’ll surely get some advantages in terms of practicality and performance when you navigate online. Let’s get started.

how to speed up google chrome

Let’s start to take a look at how to speed up Google Chrome in practical terms, that is on how to make our experience faster and more comfortable. It sounds like a hard thing, but actually you only need to install an extension: FastestChrome.

As the name suggests, FastestChrome is an extesnion that allows you to browse the Internet faster using Chrome, taking advantage of some tools made available by the add-on itself.

Some example? It automatically loads the next pages of Google’s searches and other Internet sites, creating a single page to scroll continuously (no need to click the Back and Forward), look up definitions of words marked with the mouse with a single click , allows you to search a word or phrase on multiple search engines simply by highlighting it with the mouse, makes clickable the web addresses written as plain text, shows related searches on Google, Wikipedia and more.

In order to install it, you only have to visit the page linked above of the Chrome Web Store and click on the button Add twice in a row. To edit its settings, click on the Menu  button of Chrome (the 3 lines on the top right) and select the voice Settings -> Extensions from the list that appears. Now click on the button Options below the FastestChrome‘s icon.

fastest chrome settings

Another working way to speed up Google Chrome about the loading time of the web pages is to deactivate the plugins’ auto-loading function, such as Flash Player which on certain websites can slow down the navigation by quite a lot.

It’s not about uninstalling Flash Player, Chrome has a very useful function called click to play which allows you to deactivate the auto-loading of plugins (different from extensions) and use them only when needed, for example when you’ve to watch a video or play an online game.

If you want to activate this function in your browser, click on the Menu button (the 3 lines on the top-right) and select the voice Settings. From here, click on Show advanced settings… and then on Content settings. Lastly, check the voice click to play (under Plug-ins) and you’ve done.

From now on, everytime that there will be a Flash or Java element in any web page, it’ll be up to you to load the element or not.

how to enable click to play

Beside Internet navigation, do you also notice a slowdown during the normal use of Chrome (such as when you start it, open a new tab, etc.)? Then maybe it’s the case to check all the installed extensions and remove some of them.

Installing too many or bad extensions can adversely affect the performance of Chrome, so if you think there is a general slowdown of the browser, I highly suggest you to remove some of them, perhaps the ones you use the least.

The procedure to remove a Google Chrome extension is very easy: open the Settings page from the Menu on the top-right (the 3 lines) and then select the voice Extensions. From here, click on the Bin to remove the extension that you won’t use anymore.

how to remove google chrome extensions