Dropbox is one of the best services for cloud storage available on the market that allows you to have a kind of online hard disk in which you can store any type of file and sync everything on different computers or mobile devices, automatically.

Beside that, we’ve to say that Dropbox is also a great tool to rapidly share your own files with other persons without uploading them on any external hosting website. If you want to know more, find out how to share a file on Dropbox thanks to the indications I’m about to give you and start using your “blue box” to publicly distribute your files. The procedure is the same on all kind of operative systems.

how to share a file on dropbox

If you want to learn how to share a file on Dropbox, the first step you need to take is visit the Dropbox folder on your PC, afterwards right click on the file to share and select the voice Dropbox -> Share link from the menu that appears. It will open the Web version of Dropbox with, in the middle of the page, a box to share your file via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Select then the option that you prefer (if you choose e-mail, you will have to type in the address of the receiver and the content of the message in the given boxes) and click on the button Send to send/publish the link. Alternatively, click on Get link to copy the link to the shared file on the clipboard having the possibility to paste it wherever you want: a Facebook chat, a website, an e-mail, etc.

Visiting the public link generated by Dropbox, everybody will be able to download the file, even the ones not signed up for Dropbox. To download the file, it will be enough to visit the link and click on the button Download located on the top-right and select the voice Direct Download from the menu that appears. The Dropbox users, instead, clicking on the same button, will also have the possibility to add the file to their Dropbox folder, without download it on their PCs.

To remove a public link from a previously shared file with Dropbox, you simply have to visit the link to delete (while logged-in) and click first on the gear button located on the top-right then on the voice Remove link available from the menu that appears. Lastly, confirm the operation clicking on Remove link in the box that opens and you’re done. You can handle all the links visiting this page of the service.

how to share a file on dropbox

It’s also possible to share a file on Dropbox using the Public folder of the service, a special folder located in the main directory of Dropbox whose content is automatically “public” and downloadable from other people. You simply have to copy a file inside the folder, right click it and select the voice Dropbox -> Copy public link from the menu that appears to copy the link on the clipboard.

If you signed up fro Dropbox after the 4th October 2012, as default setting you’ve the Public folder disabled. To enable the public folder of Dropbox and start sharing the files with your friends in this way, you’ve to visit this page of Dropbox and follow the indications.

To remove the public link of a file shared in the public folder of Dropbox, you simply have to move the file into another folder, delete or rename it. This way, the link will be automatically deactivated and it will return a page of error if visited.

The procedure just seen for the files also works for the folders hosted in the directory of Dropbox, you simply have to right click them and select the express voice from the menu that appears. Also, visiting the website of Dropbox and being logged-in with your account, you will be able to share the files also from a computer where you don’t have Dropbox installed: you won’t have to do anything else but move the mouse over the element to share and click on the icon Share link that appears on the right.

how to share a file on dropbox