You would like to save the messages on your iPhone on your Computer but you can’t find out how to. You tried some online guides but none of them worked or were just too long or hard. Don’t worry!

Today I’m going to give you 2 methods to save iPhone’s messages on computer: the first one regards an App, the second one is about a website. Let’s see how to save iPhone’s messages on computer.

how to save iphone messages on computer

How to Save iPhone’s Messages using an App: before continuing, I gotta warn you: this app is not free, so if you’re not willing to pay its price ($5.99), go straight to the second method.

This App is called SMS Export and it works together with a desktop program. If you need a great backup for your messages, I highly suggest this app.

How does it work? First of all, you gotta download the program from its official download page and install it. Once you’ve done (don’t run it untill the installation guide tells you to do so), buy the SMS Export App from iTunes Store – WARNING: do not do it from your iPhone, do it from your computer!

We’ve nearly done. Now backup your iPhone (you don’t know how to? Read my guide about how to backup iPhone) from iTunes and you’re ready to start. Simply run the program and, from the window that appears, select the most recent backup. Select, then, Import SMS from iTunes and choose a format to save them. Click on Export to complete the operation.

You can also use filters (such as the number or the date) to save only certain chats.

How to Save iPhone’s messages using a website: this other method is way simpler, but it doesn’t give the same results (they’re a little worse). Simply visit the website Free iPhone SMS Backup and follow the steps illustrated by the website itself. Once you’ve done with the first 4 points, select the format, click on Submit and you’ll have your SMS saved.