Even if you regularly backup your iPhone, you always live with the fear that for a matter or another your contacts info may get lost? What about adopting another sicurity mean to save your contacts thanks to an app ad hoc and free, which allows you to export the rubric of your iDevice in a CSV file?

The app I’m talking about is called My Contacts Backup and is so easy to use that even a baby could use it. All you need to do is start it up, tap on one button and wait for your contacts to be exported. You can then send them to your e-mail and eventually import them in another phone or computer. Wait are you waiting for to find out how to save contacts on iPhone using it?

how to save contacts on iphone

In order to learn how to save contacts on iPhone with My Contacts Backup you first have to lunch the App Store, look for the app and install it on your phone by tapping on the button FREE and then INSTALL APP. At the end of the process, run My Contacts Backup and accept that the app has access to your contacts by answering OK when prompted.

At this point, tap on the green button Backup and wait for the backup procedure to make its job, saving all the contacts in your address book. It should take a few seconds, but, obviously, the more contacts you have, the longer it takes.

After the exportation, tap on the button Email that replaced the Backup one and write your e-mail adress  in the To: field. Finally tap on Send and you’ll receive directly into your e-mail inbox folder the backup of your contacts which you’ve done with My Contacts Backup.

my contacts backup iphone

As default setting, when you save your iPhone’s contacts with My Contacts Backup, these are exported as vCard (.vcf) but, if you prefer, you can set the app so that it saves your contacts in a CSV format. You only need to tap on the gear button (bottom-right) and select the voice Export Type.

In the window that opens, select then the option CSV (Excel) and tap on the button Done (top right) to save the changes. Scrolling down in the settings menu, you can also select the information that My Contacts Backup should or not export: phone numbers, e-mail address, birth date, etc.

If you need to backup more information or want to make sure your backups aren’t full of duplicated contacts, then you may want to take a look at the Pro Version of My Contacts Backup, which offers several additional functions, as the ones just listed (but also more). Although, it costs $1.99. You can download it from the App Store just as you’ve done with the free version.

my contacts backup iphone settings