After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad you noticed a decline in performance and/or the occurrence of numerous crashes? Probably something went wrong during the jailbreak but don’t worry, it’s easy to fix.

Follow my leads on how to remove jailbreak and you’ll be able to remove all the modifications brought by the jailbreak in a blink on your iPhone/iPad and restore them as they used to be. You’ll be surprised of how easy it is.

how to remove jailbreak

In order to learn how to remove jailbreak, the first step to take is plug the iPhone or iPad in to the computer and activate the DFU mode on the device. DFU stays for Device Firmware Update and it’s a particular state in which the iPhone and iPad can be updated or restored in a secure way, dodging potential errors or obstacles which may occur in the standard restoring way.

To enter the DFU Mode, hold the buttons Power and Home for about 10 seconds, afterwards, release the Power button and keep holding the Home one untill iTunes tells you to let go, because the device has entered the recovery mode.

It shouldn’t be needed to be said, but in order to avoid misunderstanding, the Home button is the round one, just below the screen, while the Power button is the one to shutdown/power up the iPhone/iPad, situated on the top-right.

itunes dfu mode


Now, all that’s left to do is to start the procedure to restore iPhone or iPad and wait for this to end. In order to do that, select the name of your device (eg Charles’ iPhone) and then click on Restore iPhone or Restore iPad.

Choose then to either backup the apps and the settings, clicking on Backup, or to remove the jailbreak and bring the device directly back to the default settings clicking on Don’t Back up. Accept then the terms of service of iOS clicking on RestoreNext and finally Accept and wait for the procedure to reach the end.

The restoring process may last even more than a hour, considering that the firmware has to be downloaded from the Internet and it “weighs” hundreds of MBs. Anyhow, at the end, you will have an iPhone/iPad as just unboxed: without the jailbreak but also without your settings and apps.

In order to restore the data and apps on the device (using a pre-jailbreak backup, but you can also use one with the jailbreak), you have to go back to iTunes, select your device, check Restore backup and choose from the list the backup to use.

restore backup