You’re a music lover. You would like to have some fun, perhaps mixing some songs, but you don’t have the will to install complicated, super-professional programs on your PC? No problems. You can simply use MJ Studio and Audacity.

MJ Studio is a small free software for Windows which allows you to mix on the fly MP3 and WAV with a dj console alike graphic. Audacity, instead, is a power but complicated audio editor program available for all the main operative systems which lets you work better on the mixing. Let’s see how to mix 2 songs using them.

how to mix songs

If you don’t have particular needs and you want to know how to 2 mix songs with MJ Studio, the first step you need to take is visit the website of the program and download it on your PC clicking on the button Download MJ Studio Now!. Once done, double click the file just downloaded (Setup MJ Studio 1.09.exe) and, in the window that opens, click on Install and then on Close to finish the installation of MJ Studio.

To mix two songs with MJ Studio, you only have to click on the icons with the arrows located under the virtual disks and select the songs (which have to have an MP3 or WAV format) that you want to mix. Afterwards, use the buttons for the multimedial control of the songs (play, forward, next, etc.) and the equalizer bars to play and mix them.

To start the recording of your mix in real time, click on the button Record. At the end of the recording, click on the same button and then on Save as, select then the folder into which you want to save the mixed song (in WAV format).

mj studio mix songs

If you feel like MJ Studio doesn’t have enough function for your needs, you can use Audacity to mix your songs. Visit so the internet website of the program and click on the voice Download Audacity 2.0.3 to download it on your PC. Once down, double click on the file just downloaded (eg audacity-win-2.0.3.exe) and, in the window that opens, click on Run then on Yes, OK, Next four times in a row, Install, Next and Finish to finish the installation process and run Audacity.

At this point, visit the menu File -> Open of the program and select the first song to mix, afterwards select File -> Import -> Audio and select the second one. In this way, you will have both the audio files ready to be mixed.

Audacity offers many functions, I recommend you to read its features at the official page to take advantage of all its potential. For more information about how to mix 2 songs, read my guide about audacity which I’ve written some times ago.