You managed to buy a second-hand iPhone or iPad at a very convenient price but, as soon as you put your hands on the device, you found out that it wasn’t running the last version of iOS?

Don’t worry. Updating Apple devices to the most recent version of the firmware is super easy, free and it doesn’t bring any risk to the integrity of the data. If you want to know more, here’s a guide on how to install iOS 6 step by step, using either the computer or directly the smartphone/tablet.

how to install ios 6

If you’ve some time available to follow the update procedure of your iPhone/iPad and you want to know how to install iOS6 without taking any risk ta all, I suggest to follow the classic procedure and make the update from the computer.

Plug then your iDevice in your PC/Mac and start iTunes (if it didn’t start by itself), afterwards select the name of the device (eg Frank’s iPhone) from the menu on the top right (or left sidebar for older versions of iTunes) and click on the button Back Up Now to make a backup of the data.

Once it has done, click on Update and, when prompted, click on Download and Install, then Next and Accept to start the download and eventually the installation of the software on your device. The download will take quite some time, because it’ll require to update the whole operative system.

If you don’t have the time and want to update your device faster, you can do the upgrade directly from your iPhone/Ipad downloading only the “new” parts. Open the Settings App, browse the voice General and then Software Update. From here select Download and Install, tap Accept and Continue.

To complete the operation, you’ll need atleast 50% of the battery available and an Internet Wi-Fi connection (unless you want to drain your 3G/4G band). After the download, the device will reboot.

In both cases, after the update you’ll find your data just as you left it: all your apps, settings, etc, evertyhing will be as it was before the update. Nothing will be deleted (beside YouTube and Google Maps apps which have been removed for commercial purposes).