On the Internet, it may be needed to don’t reveal your personal information (such as your IP address) in order to keep your privacy intact.

Today we are going to learn how to hide IP address using a free program called Tor: it is, simply speaking, a proxy that hides your IP using the internet connection offered by all the users of the network.

how to hide ip address

In order to start hiding your IP address, download Tor for free at its web address: click the purple button “Download Tor” and then the orange one “Download Tor Browser Bundle”.

Once the download has ended, run the installer tor-browser-2.2.37-1_en-US.exe. Select the folder you want to extract the file and click Extract. You should now have a folder called Tor Browser. Open it and run Start Tor Browser.exe. Wait for the program to load everything and you’re done, you can now surf the net hiding your IP address (you have to use the Tor Browser).

Nobody will be able to find your IP address, but you can still find it for people that don’t use Tor: check out my guide about how to find IP address.

how to hide ip address tor