You decided to organize a little contest on your blog and you’re looking for a simple yet efficient service that allows you to extract random numbers to choose the winners? Do you want to draw the participants for a school project using the computer but you don’t have the will nor the time to install programs on your PC? I’ve a pair of solutions for you.

If you want to know how to generate random numbers with the computer, you only have to follow the indications I’m about to give you. I’ve two fantastic online free services to suggest you. They will create a combination of random numbers personalized as you want without installing anything on your computer. Let’s see how they work.

random number generator

The first online service to generate random numbers that I suggest you to use is, through which you can set the quantity of numbers to extract and the range of values.

It’s so intuitive that is nearly pointless explaining how it works. Anyway, you only need to write the quantity of numbers to extract into the Generate field, the range of values in the fields Each integer should have a value between and the number of columns that you want to use for the output next to Format in.

Finally click on Get Numbers and it will extract random numbers. Easy, isn’t it? You can also extract one single number per time using the top-right space inside the main page (put the minimum and maximum values into their respective fields and then click on Generate).

Another website that you can bookmark to generate random numbers is Stat Rek, whose functioning is very similiar to’s one. In order to use it, simply visit its main page and fill out the field situated in the middle of the screen to get the random combination of numbers.

In the field How many random numbers? you have to point out the quantity of numbers to extract, in Minimum Value and Maximum Value the minimum and maximum values, using the Allow duplicate entries function (available from the drop-down menu) you can decide to either show or not the same numbers more than once.

In order to get a random combination of numbers, just click on Calculate and wait a few seconds. The extracted numbers will appear on the bottom of the page.

stat rek