After buying an Apple product you discovered iCloud and actually enjoyed syncing all your files online, but those 5GB of space provided with the free version of the service started to be tight? Do not worry, you don’t have to subscribe to a paid version.

If you’re interested, I can show you how to free up space on i Cloud. This way, you will be able to get rid of the useless files and keep using the Apple’s cloud storage service without spending a cent. Of course, you’ll eventually have to buy some additional space for your data (if you keep storing stuff up), but for now, you can workaround following some of the tips I’m about to give you.

how to free up space on icloud

If you want to know how to free up space on iCloud, you firstly have to analyze the state of your account and closely evaluate the cloud storage space consumed by each of the possible data syncable via iCloud. To do that, open the Settings app in iOS from your iPad or iPhone and select the voice iCloud.

At this point, tap the button Storage & Backup and, in the window that opens, select the voice Manage Storage. You’ll then accede a panel with all the information about your iCloud account and the space available.

In order to decrease the quantity of data synced online, tap the button with the name of the device that you’re using (eg “Gianmarco’s iPhone“) and, from the menu that opens, select the voice Show all apps. It’ll expand the list with all the apps that sync via iCloud, starting frmo the “largest” one, to the smallest one.

If you want to disable the sync of one or more apps with your iCloud account, you just need to tap the “lever” placed next to the app’s name and confirm by clicking on Turn off & Delete.

Going back to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage, you can also delete the single files saved on iCloud by apps like text editors or games. You just need to tap on the file’s name, then choose Edit and then click on the symbol “minus” on the left of the file to delete.

Lastly, you can deactivate all the default iOS’ services that use iCloud, like Contacts, calendars, Photo Stream, Documents & Data, in Settings -> iCloud: simply tap on the lever to switch it from ON to OFF: