Even though Vimeo, a quite famous video sharing website, isn’t as popular as YouTube, you can find interesting stuff on it, specially if you’re into some “underground” activities or sports that are not common to find videos about.

Today we are going to learn how to download vimeo videos without using any kind of plugin or program, we’ll simply exploit the potentiality of Firefox and Google Chrome.

how to download vimeo videos

How to download Vimeo Videos in Google Chrome: open the videos’ page and press F12. Select the Network tab and run the video. Wait a little bit, a file with a .mp4 extension should appear: right click it and select Open link in New Tab. In the new tab, right click the video that should be running and select Save video.

how to download vimeo videos chrome

How to download Vimeo Videos in Firefox: open the video’s page and press Ctrl + Shift + K (or, from the Tools menu, select Web developer -> Web console). Uncheck everything but the Net tab and run the video. After a few secs, some links should appear: look for the one with .mp4 in it and double click it. Copy the link (highlighted in the screen below) and open it in a new tab. If the video doesn’t start, from the File menu, select Save page as… and the video will be downloaded.

how to download vimeo videos firefox