Do you own an old broken iPhone which you would like to try and fix it yourself but you never managed to understand how to disassemble some pieces of the device? Would you like to discover how is an iPhone made in its inside but you don’t want to disassemble it? In both cases, visiting the right internet websites you should be able to meet your needs.

If you want to learn how to disassemble an iPhone or simply discover how it’s made, you only have to click on the websites that I’m about to show you and I assure you that you will find all the info you need. Are you ready to start?

disassembled iphone

If you need to know how to disassemble an iPhone to fix some parts, you can find a great starting point at iFixit. It’s a website that shows in a detailed way all the operations needed to disassemble an iDevice according to the components that you need to replace or fix. It’s full of very detailed images and it lists, for each operation to make, all the tools needed to end the job.

In order to find out how to disassemble the model of iPhone you own, visit its main page and click on the generation that you want to “open” (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, etc.). In the page that opens, select then the component to disassemble (eg BatteryRear panel, etc.) and it will open a page with the detailed instructions related to how to disassemble the Apple’s phone.

You can find the list of needed tools to do the operation on the top-right, under the voice Tools. Usually you’re in need of screwdrivers, suction cups, tweezers for handling smaller electronic components and little else. The important thing is to never improvize, always use the right tool.

how to disassemble iphone


Beside photos and textual instructions on how to disassemble iPhone, on iFixit you can also find different videos which show in details the steps to take to remove the various components of the phone. Anyhow, even on YouTube there are a lot of movies that show how to disassemble the smartphone made in Apple.

In this movie, which lasts a little longer than thirteen minutes, for example, it’s shown the “opening” of the new iPhone 5 using a screwdriver and a small suction cup: start off removing the SIM’s cover, then unscrew the little screws on the back and finally remove the display using a suction cup.

It’s just an example, obviously. As said before, there are many videos, just choose one that seems “trustworthy” and try to do not perform risky operations in a rush. Also remember that if you disassemble an iPhone you will lose the remaining warranty on the product.

how to disassemble iphone video