As you surely well know, the extensions are one of the most interesting and effective ways to customize Google Chrome. Thanks to them, you can expand the functions of the browser almost endlessly and speed up a lot of operations that would normally require the execution of several tedious steps. Installing them is simple, but what about the removal?

If you do not know how to delete extensions from Google Chrome, do not worry. Just like that relating to their installation, the procedure to remove the extensions from Google’s browser is a breeze. Just go to the program options and click on a couple of items. Let’s see the process in detail.


To learn how to remove extensions from Google Chrome, you have to start the browser through its shortcut on the desktop or in the Windows Start menu. In the window that opens, then click the icon located in the upper right corner and select the Tools> Extensions from the menu that appears.

At this point, you will find yourself in front of the list of all installed extensions in Chrome. To remove one, click on the Uninstall item placed under his name and confirm your choice by clicking the Uninstall button present in the notice appears. If you’ve a different version of Chrome, you may have to click on the Recycle Bin next to the extension’s name.

uninstall chrome extension

You can also disable extensions for Chrome, rather than deleting them altogether, by clicking on Disable. In this way, the add-on selected stops working, does not take up more memory, but will not be removed completely from the browser. To restore them, in fact, simply go to Tools> Extensions and click on the item Enable placed under their name.

To delete extensions from Google Chrome that add a button in the toolbar or in the address bar of the program, there is a small shortcut. You can get rid of them simply by right-clicking on their buttons and selecting Disable or Remove from Chrome from the menu that appears. Easy, no?

uninstall chrome extension