If you’ve been using the computer for some time, you surely remember Megaupload and Megavideo, two very famous internet websites that used to allow you to load your files and watch films online, everything for free. Unluckly, both of them were used by some users for illegal purposes (such as the sharing of copyright-protected files), and for this reason, they have been shut down and their content sequestered.

There are good news though! The day before yesterday, January 19th, Kim Dotcom (founder of Megaupload and Megavideo) has launched the successor of these two services, which is Mega: Mega is an online service for cloud storage which allows to have, free of charge, up to 50 GB of space to use as you best think. Awesome right? Let’s see together how to create a Mega account in order to take advantage of its fantastic services.

how to create mega account

If you want to know how to create Mega account, the first thing you need to do is connect to the internet website of Mega (it may be off-line because of the huge web traffic that it’s standing in these days, try to refresh the page each 5 minutes) and click on the big red button MEGA in the middle of the screen. In the page that appears, fill out the fields inserting your full nameemail and password. Click on Register to complete this first part.

At this point, visit the Inbox of the e-mail used for the registration and wait for an e-mail from hostmaster@mega.co.nz to arrive. Open it and click the link that it has inside: it is a link to confirm the registration. It will open a webpage, insert again the e-mail and the password used for the registration to confirm the latter and log-in. Click on Confirm to continue.

After some seconds (or minutes, depends on the traffic), just the time to encrypt all your information so that your files are safe, it will open the “main” page of the website, where you can manage your web space of cloud storage. The use doesn’t require much explanation: on the top-left, you can find the main functions, which are New folder to create a new folder on the online space, File Upload to upload a single file, Folder Upload to upload a whole folder.

confirm email mega

If you want to use Mega professionally and 50 GB aren’t enough for your business, you can always buy a pro version, which can offer up to 4 TB of online storage space. You can find more details about this service from the Menu (on the top-right) selecting the right voice or visiting the address https://mega.co.nz/#pro.

If you’re a developer and you need some references to build up a project of your own linked to Mega, visit the page https://mega.co.nz/#developers (also attainable from the Menu) to have all the information needed regarding the authentication and API of Mega.

mega developers