Even though most operative systems handle the RAM by themselves, it may happen that some programs stay undetected and keep consuming our memory even if you’ve closed them.

Today I’m going to present you a free program that allows you to clean up the RAM memory of your computer automatically or on demand.

how to clean up memory

The free program I’m talking about is called Memory Cleaner and you can download it for free from its website by clicking on the Download Now! button. Once the download has ended, run the installer MemClean.exe.

You will be asked if you want to install MemClean now, select Yes. In the installation window, click Accept and let the program install itself. When asked if you want to create a shurtcut, select yes. The program should now run itself, if it didn’t, run it from the shurtcut created on your desktop.

As you can see, the program is very simple to use: click on Trim Processes’ Working Set or Clear System Cache to manually run either of these tasks. If you want to time these tasks, you can do that from the Options tab: I suggest you to check everything beside the last option (Do not run Memory Cleaner in the background), so that you always have a clean memory.