Even though the iPhone is a quite resistant device, a bad fall may cause some damage to its display. In these cases, the iPhone itself still works, but it becomes basically unusable because the glass is broken.

The only way to fix a broken glass is to change it, and today I’m going to explain you how to change an iPhone’s broken glass.

how to change iphone glass

If you want to change your iPhone’s glass without taking any risk or losing time, the best you can do is to contact Apple and ask for a change.

Even if your warranty has expired, you can still get your iPhone changed for a new one (used actually, but they work like new ones: all their parts are replaced), but it has a cost (depending on your country).

All you have to do in order to change your iPhone’s glass is to either visit the closest Apple store to your home and get assisted there, or visit the official website and follow the guided procedure. In either case, you will be asked if you want your iPhone replaced with a new one or if you just want to change the glass (the cost may vary here aswell).

There are also unofficial ways to fix your broken glass, for a lower price, but I don’t recommend them as the materials used are not prime quality and you may lose some of your iPhone’s efficiency.