Do you often have to make a call when your smartphone is fully discharged? If you have a tablet at your disposal, you are alright! Indeed, there are several apps that allow you to transform the tablet and make phone calls worldwide at a very low price (or even free).

If you want to know more, here is a fast and practical guide about how to call with tablets in which we’ll find out together some of those apps . Either you have an iPad or Android Tablet it doesn’t make any difference, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for.

how to call from tablet 1

Before seeing how to call with tablet in detail, it is good to clarify a few things. As for the iPad, it should be noted that while buying the Wi-Fi + Cellular data version of the device (which supports the use of SIM card) you can not make any phone call. You can just browse the Internet using the 3G/4G network and use these to make calls online, but more about that shortly.

Things are different for Android tablets. There are several that allow you to make phone calls just like smartphones, while others are as iPad and allow you to take advantage of the SIM card just to surf the Internet via the data network. In tablet that support the calls of the telephone network, you must enter the suitable SIM (voice + data and not just data) otherwise it is impossible to make a call.

With this in mind, we come to the point of the question seeing as to call with Android tablet, the Windows tablet and iPad using an universal application that takes advantage of the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) to make phone calls all over the world a very low price.

how to call from tablet 2

When it comes to call with tablet via the Internet, the first name that comes to mind is that of Skype. In fact, the famous VoIP service, as well as for computers and smartphones, is also available for all major tablet currently on the market. Not only iPad but also Android tablets and Windows 8/RT. How to use it? Almost needless to explain.

After installing the app on your digital tablet, just start it and log in with your account information (that is also used on a PC). At this point, all you have to do is press on the name of the friend that you want to call, or if you want to make a phone call to a standard phone number, use the number pad and dial the number.

The call rates are the same as those provided by Skype on your computer. This means that calls made from Skype to Skype are free, while calls to traditional phone numbers (fixed and mobile) are paid according to the country to which you make the call. Remember that to make calls via Skype charges you must first purchase Skype Credit.