When a computer equipped with Windows starts giving troubles, like not being able to get started correctly or being unstable, it’s common to try and fix these problems booting the operative system in safe mode. The safe mode is a kind of booting in which the operative system only loads up its essential components, therefore avoiding to run programs or drivers which could be the root of the problems.

Using the safe mode, it’s possible to recover the access to Windows and remove softwares (usualy malwares or wrong drivers) which are causing the troubles, without resorting to a format. Do you know how to boot in safe mode your computer? No? Then keep reading this guide and you’ll learn it in a few steps.

how to boot in safe mode

If you want to learn how to boot in safe mode your computer and you’re using Windows 7, XP or Vista, all you have to do is reboot the computer and keep pressing the keyboard’s button F8 before the Windows’ logo appears on the monitor.

A menu with all the possible booting options will appear: Safe ModeSafe Mode with networking which adds the Internet support to the safe mode and Safe Mode with commanding prompt which allows you to use the “line of command”. Choose the one that fits your needs the most using the arrows on your keyboard and press Enter to boot Windows using the desired mode.

how to boot in safe mode 2

If you’re using Windows 8 you’ve to use another way to boot your PC in safe mode. Using the button combination Win + i keeping held Shift on your keyboard, click on the button Shutdown and select the voice Reboost the system from the Charms Bar on the side.

A menu with the different booting options of Windows 8 will appear. In order to use the Safe Mode, first click on  Troubleshoot and then on Advanced settings. Lastly, click on Windows Startup Settings and then reboot your computer when the prompt to do so appears.

After the reboot, you will be able to choose which kind of same mode you want, pressing F4 (standard safe mode), F5 (safe mode with networking), F6 (safe mode with commanding prompt). In order to start Windows 8 normally, simply press Enter on your keyboard.

how to boot in safe mode windows 8