After discovering how to use Instagram on iPhone and Android, you come up with a strong desire to create a vintage photo on a PC? Then you should try Instant Back, an online service very fun and easy to use, a bit like Instagram, allows you to apply vintage effects to your photos and share them online on social networks (or save them to your computer, depending on your taste ).

It includes a wide range of filters, each one more beautiful than the other, and allows you to customize the smallest details of the photos uploaded to the site. Of course, all free of charge and accessible from any browser and / or operating system. So what are you waiting for to find out how to age a photo with Instant Back?

how to age a photo

If you want to discover how to age a photo, all you have to do is connect to the website Instant Retro and click on the red button Upload a picture, which is on top of the sidebar on the left, to select the image you want to edit. Then wait a few seconds (the time the picture is loaded on the server) and you will find yourself with a preview of your image and a list of all the vintage effects applied to it.

There are many filters to choose from: the vintage one that makes the photo like a picture of a few decades ago, the lomography effect which gives the photo a yellowish sunrise hue, and many others. Just click on the button of each effect and it is immediately applied to the photo, but be careful because you can only select one at a time, do not overlap them.

Once you’ve done applying filters to your photo, you can save the resulting image to your computer by simply clicking the Save Image  located on the top right. In the page that opens, right-click on your photo and select the Save Image As from the menu that appears to save it in a folder on your PC. Alternatively, you can use the buttons of social sharing to post the image directly to Facebook and Twitter. If you do not want your photo to be published on Instant Back after saving, remember to uncheck the Public voice before clicking on the Save button Image.