In the past, people used to use Photoshop in order to edit their pictures and make them somewhat more beatiful. Well, that’s not the time anymore.

Today I’m going to show you a free online service that can be used to edit your photos without the requirement of being an expert at photo editing.

how to create collage

I’m talking about Meowfoto, a free website that allows you to add effects like Instagram, create collages of your photos and even create images taken directly from your Facebook timeline.

It’ll be required to use a Facebook account in order to use all the services, simply allow the app to access your profile and you can freely browse all its functions.

As said, with Meowfoto, you can become a photo editing expert (or atleast pretend to) without knowning anything at all about photo editing!  As you can see, you can also create Facebook timeline covers or use the ones already available.

The only downside of the website is that you can only use up to 20 photos to create a collage.

facebook cover